LGLC Community Member Contract For Students

As a student and community member at Leaves of Grass Learning Center I agree to:

  • I agree to treat myself with kindness and forgiveness for making artistic choices that lead to “failures”.
  • I agree to treat other students with respect.
  • I agree to provide only constructive feedback.
    • Feedback that helps fellow students learn and grow, nothing intentionally discouraging (nothing mean, rude, hurtful, etc.)
  • I agree to communicate with intention and thoughtfulness.
    • And, I am aware that students at LGLC are coming from all backgrounds from all over.
  • I agree to ask for help if I’m frustrated or confused.
    • And, I will do my best to work on my projects on my own,
    • and to reach out to a fellow student or teacher if I have a question.
  • I agree to keep up with the program and not fall behind.
    • If I fall behind, I will let my teachers know why (sickness, family emergency, etc.).
  • I agree to be self directed and work on projects at my own pace if I need to.
    • But, also will utilize my learning community.
  • I agree to keep the after school classes fun and lighthearted.
    • I know that this is everyone’s special time to relax and enjoy being creative.
  • I agree to a parent/guardian-teacher conference if I stray from this agreement.