Day 4

Dipping our toes into poetry

I don’t know how you feel about writing poetry . . .

For me, I can get really intimidated. Before I even start. The thing about starting something new, no matter what it is: we have to be willing to be terrible at it. Especially at first. We will see huge improvements, but can still feel like we aren’t as good at as we want to be. The trick is to keep trying, keep developing skills, keep improving; even if it is slow progress. And, it’s helpful to give ourselves the opportunity of failure.

Often, I think to myself: “I’m going to make 100 terrible paintings, and then I might make one painting that isn’t as terrible.” This strategy really helps! The important thing when trying out something new is to not expect to make a masterpiece the first time.

Today’s Prompt:

Is there a story that you’ve been wanting to tell? A visual that you can’t get out of your head? The cool thing about poetry, is that it’s very visual. The pauses and line breaks are incredibly important. Today we are going to ask our inner critic to step outside while we write a poem. Maybe it’s our first poem ever, or in a long while! Maybe it doesn’t fit any of the traditional ideas we have about poetry (rhyming, meter, etc.), and perhaps it is “terrible” and we never-ever share it with anyone.

The important thing is to write and see what happens.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

Walt Whitman