Day 2

Manifestations, dreams and wish lists.

What energizes us?

This is one of my all-time favorite activities for getting inspired. Making a wish list usually results in my gaining a better understanding of the difference between my priorities and whims. I often find that working towards fulfilling these wishes can be highly rewarding.

Also, I try and be forgiving towards myself if I don’t make any real progress towards achieving my goals. Learning to play the clarinet has been on my wish list for a few years now. Instead of haranguing myself for not having a teacher, quartet or jazz group, I can recognize that it is still on my list of things I dearly wish to make part of my routine and future life. For now, I make sure some of the music I listen to features a clarinet!

Art and creativity can enter our lives in many different forms. Creative activities can be: baking, gardening, organizing and decorating our room, going out into nature, or even brainstorming for a project. How can these vital things be celebrated and shared with our community? Can we carve the necessary time into our daily lives for these rewarding and energizing activities?

Allowing Ourselves to Dream

This is a brainstorming diagram I made in an attempt to map out my project ideas and connect them to some of my more abstract goals, such as wanting to find a way to help my community with fire prevention and create job opportunities for stay at home parents, all through the primary idea of starting a business of owning a flock of sheep.

Wish List


Write out on a sheet of paper numbers 1-20.

Start each line with “I wish . . . ” and quickly fill in the rest of the sentence.

These wishes can be big or small, they can be about goals we are contemplating for the future, or they can be smaller more immediate wishes. They can be related to our art, writing, reading and project desires. They could be about changes we want in our space at home, small and big improvements, that help inspire our creativity and sense of peace.

You may already be an expert at making goals and achieving them. This project asks us to dive deeper into our creative desires and think about how we can add them to our lives and foster internal joy.

It’s totally ok to do a list that is 1-10 if 20 feels intimidating!

After you are finished:

Review your list. Was there anything that surprised you while you were making the list? Something that was unexpectedly meaningful to you?

These wish lists can be guide posts, indicating directions we should be moving towards. Some things that made it on the list may seem unattainable. Other wishes, perhaps will remain a wish until the right moment for action presents itself; after writing them down it can become easier to identify which are the most important.

There are a few different things we can do with our list once we’ve finished making it.

The wishes that evoke the deepest sense of yearning and a feeling of impossibility:

Let’s work with those. Maybe it’s one big dream, maybe it’s a dream with a few components. Either way, let’s take these wishes one step further.

  1. Which wish do you most want to manifest? What kind of wish /goal /dream is it? There are dreams that depend on lots of outside circumstances, and they take time to form into a possible reality. Other dreams are achieved through our own internal determination and ability to motivate ourselves and ask for help when necessary.
  2. Whichever kind of dream it is, take a moment to visualize or imagine what it would take to make the dream a reality. Life is full of compromise, especially when we live with other people or have a limited budget or limited time. However, there are small adjustments that can be made to fulfill these creative desires. For example, instead of purchasing an expensive pen set outright, I have slowly collected a Faber Castell pen collection over the years. By allowing myself to purchase a pen or two as a treat every so often, I get the joy of picking out a color I want to have in my artbox, while not spending a lot of money on supplies.
  3. After spending a few moments determining which wish is so big and complex and incredible- that you know will take lots of time and energy to manifest- you can write them out on a separate piece of paper. Roll or fold it up, and put the paper in our Manifestation container. (If you want other objects in your container, perhaps this manifestation paper can live with them, or another idea is it can go somewhere else special and more visible for you to be reminded of on a daily basis.)
I’m using my pen to help me roll up my piece of paper with the goals I wish to manifest.

A few other suggestions:

  • This may not be an issue for you, but I often get overwhelmed with big projects. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, or what are the necessary steps towards achieving the end goal. For some goals, the act of letting go of a fixed outcome helps bring them about in unexpected ways. For others, it takes serious dedication and commitment, actively making time to work on them, creating space for these goals to come to fruition, and holding onto our vision even if it takes a long time to manifest them. What is one small action you could take today or this week to move one step forward towards this dream / goal?
  • Also, it can be beneficial to ask for help. It is a blessing to have a friend who can kindly ask us how our progress is coming along on a difficult project, who asks us what’s holding us back from making progress, or even more importantly who believes in us. We can be this friend and believer for ourselves. We are lucky if we have these types of people in our lives who can cheer us on. One of the goals at LGLC is to create this kind of supportive creative space for artists and creative people of all types. If some of your goals are related to ways a community like LGLC could help, such as having editors for your poetry or working on your sketching skills, please feel free to share them this week.
It can be fun to store the goals in a special box, like the manifestation containers we made yesterday!

This project comes from the incredible Julia Cameron, from her creativity book series The Artist’s Way.

Looking forward to hearing how this exercise went for you. Feel free to keep these goals private or share with your group if you want to!