Daily Class Structure

Daily Plan

  • 15 min ahead of class live stream the days class modules will be made available to students.
  • Prerecorded Lessons (5-10 min in length max) will be posted.
  • There will be typed up Instructions (for reference).
  • A Materials List and/or typed up worksheets will be available.
  • Students have an hour to ask questions via Instant message, Direct message, Zoom, or phone (depending on student needs and internet speeds).
  • Students will have an hour to socialize with their study group/class level and ask each other questions.
  • Zoom- will be used use sparingly, because students could already have zoom fatigue from their day.
  • A chat board- or multiuser call set up may be utilized as a fun way for teachers to check in with students during “Office Hours” (4-5 PM PST 5th-8th grade students; 5-6 PM PST 9th-12th grade students).
  • Canvas will be the platform used, due to it’s prevalence with colleges and universities; it will help students learn how to navigate the platform and be prepared for higher education.

How to schedule a check in with one of our teachers: