Fall Program

Class Schedule


Drawing & Painting, Art History, Illustration & Comics


Short Stories, Poetry, Developing Your Own Voice, Script Writing


American Literature, Reading the Classics, Book Club, Getting work ready for Journal Submissions


Designing Community Projects, Graphic Design, Sustainability, Collaborative Projects


Daily Journal, Setting Up Goals, Learning How you Learn Best, Dreaming Big

Every week we will have a project theme that program members can work on throughout the week with peer and teacher support. Students will have the opportunity to explore new mediums or focus on developing their skill set in one area of their choice.

Study Groups

  • Students will be sorted into their appropriate groups based on experience levels.
  • The students in the group will be located in many different areas, some from outside the US!
  • Many projects and assignments will be tailored to get our students interacting with one another, learning how to give constructive feedback, help with editing stories and poems, and lots of other fun activities to get our creative minds thinking
  • Each student will be asked to fill out a “Behavioral Contract” to ensure that LGLC is a safe and nurturing learning community
  • During this time of isolation, we hope we connect artists with similar interests, and offer students mentorship and encouragement from our expert teachers- no matter where you live!

End of the Fall Membership

What to expect at the end of the fall program, why we are going into the start of the holiday break:

Why are we going into the start of winter holiday break?

We want to make sure students have projects to work on this holiday season. It will most likely be a very quiet holiday for most families!

What will the Winter Show look like?

Students will have the opportunity to curate and get their work ready for public display. Families will be invited to attend a virtual art show and celebrate Winter! 

Images from the end of term show will be compiled into a sharable location.

Winter Show- Wednesday, December 23rd

Sample Lesson

See if the program will be a good fit for you and your family. View our sample lesson plan here.

Community Contract for Students

We will be asking all students to agree to our code of conduct policy. View it here.

Commonly asked Questions

Q: Can my student receive class credit for attending LGLC?

A: We are happy to work with school administrations to see if our after school classes can qualify for school credit.

Q: My child is just under the age range, can they still participate?

A: Many of our teachers and guest artists at LGLC were precocious children. Please contact us to see if our program would be a good fit for children who are not yet in 5th grade!

Q: My family is interested in joining the LGLC after school program, however we are having some financial difficulties at this time. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

A: We are currently fundraising to get scholarship funds so students from any background can attend. At LGLC we believe that arts education should be accessible to all interested students. Please contact staff so we can discuss what options are available to your family.