About LGLC

Ellie Crawford, Owner

LGLC Mission Statement

Leaves of Grass Learning Center provides equitable educational services to students of all ages, from all backgrounds, with a focus on developing creativity and artistic confidence. LGLC is dedicated to nurturing collaboration and academic confidence, through constructive teacher feedback and peer study groups. At the culmination of classes, the center encourages students to participate in a published journal, with submissions of a finished art or writing piece. Additionally, students will have opportunities to work on a wide variety of annual community research and art projects.

Safe Learning

Work with dedicated art teachers from your own home.

Have fun!

Get access to our vast network of guest artists, have support on your art projects, and join a study group with other students your age!

Connect with Students and Teachers from Around the World

Our teachers want to help encourage young artists and show the many career paths available to creative people.

Dan Murnane, Primary Instructor
Ellie Crawford, Primary Instructor
Rachel Orimo, Primary Instructor